The Experience

  • INSPIRED 2 DANCE SHOWCASE We want to celebrate the life of those touched by cancer with a special show case designed to do just that. Performers will get to share who has inspired them to dance with a special dedication to them just before they compete. Each studio is to submit the name of the person/persons and a short insert of their story that they would like to dedicate their performance to or perform in honor of. These performances will be pre selected by the event executive producer. For pre production purposes please confirm that the selected individuals have granted you permission to share their story. The heart of this event is give back to those who have given us inspiration as they fight or have fought their battle with cancer. This is open to all styles of dance Solos, Duo’s, Trio’s, and Small - Large Groups. Performance time must not exceed 5:00 minuets in length. 
  • VIP DIRECTOR/ INSTRUCTOR LOUNGE    Each registered instructor will have access to the VIP LOUNGE. You will need your all access pass to enter. 
  • NATIONALS LEVEL SET AND PRODUCTION I2D event production and set design will be design to the experience of a nationals dance competition and atmosphere. 
  • PRIVATE WARM UP AREA  Warm up space will be 60’x40’ (competition stage dimensions) with Marley Dance floor and sound provided. Studio Director must pre book space per 10 or 30 min time slots. You may book the warm up floor multiple times but may not hold space for  2 consecutive time slots.This is a first come first served option. This time can be pre purchased in your Dance Genie Registration. Open times will be available for purchase on both competition days for a increased rental rate. Performers must be dressed in appropriate dance attire to enter warm up zone (costume or studio t-shirts.) NO PARENTS nor NONE REGISTERED individuals are allowed to enter warmup zone. (Warm up zone will only be provided if times are purchased by 65% of studios in attendance.)
  • VIP FAN CHEERING ZONE Designated floor standing area  for the on stage performer's studio and fans. Each group must exit to house left promptly as the perfmoance ends to all the next group of fans to enter house right. (This only applies to I2D events  with portable stage set design.There will also be I2D branded signs showing the designated location.)
  • LARGE PROP HOLDING ZONE Each studio director must request holding space. The prop area will be hosted by a I2D team member. I2D will not be responsible for damaged, or missing props. Each studio will be able to load in all LARGE props at the allowed time by event producers.Only registered prop masters and studio directors will have access to this area and be allowed to remove props for their studio.
  • ON DECK PERFORMANCE CIRCLE Only performers that will be performing in the next 2-3 numbers, registered instructors, and registered studio prop masters will be permitted in this area and must exit following their performance. Each performance will have a scheduled call time.