Live Experience


Registration Fees


Solo: $94

Duo: $124

Trio: $156

Group Member: $48 (per performer)

Parent: $250 (Group minimum of 5) 


Late Registration 

Contact Event Producers for details.

Official online entries must be completed in their entirety. Each talent is to be registered under a performance studio and represented by a studio owner or director. Independent entries must have I2D Event Producers approval.

Inspired Categories


Duets/Trios: Duets and Trios will compete in joint grouping based on registrations.

Small: 4-9 performers

Medium: 10-15 performers

Large: 16- 20 performers

Inspired Lines: 20 or more performers

Productions: 15 or more performers

Performance Time Limits

Solo - 2:45 minutes

Duet/Trio - 3:00 minutes

Small Group - 3:00 minutes

Medium Group - 4:00 minutes

Large Group - 5:00 minutes

Production - 8:00 minutes

Inspired Age Divisions

Tiny (4 & under) 

Mini A (5-6)

Mini B (7-9)

Youth (10 -12, 

Junior (13 -15)

Senior (16 -19)

Collegiate / Adult (20 & over)

Performers are to use their age as of January 1 to select appropriate divisions. For clarity on any age question / conflicts please contact I2D Event Producer. (

Age division for Duets,Trios, and all Groups will be determined from the performance age average. The decimal will be dropped from each average. Studio owner/director will be responsible for showing proof of performers age to the I2D Event Producer if deemed necessary by I2D Event Producer. The eldest performer determiners the Inspired age division. The final divisions will be designated by event producer based on the registration numbers per each category four weeks prior to competition start date. This information will be communicated to all studio owners if age groups are merged or adjusted. 

Inspired Levels

NOVICE / RECREATIONAL – Performers with under 2 years of instructional technique development. No member of the group can have 3 or more years of experience.

To compete for Grand Inspired 2 Dance awards and prizes, each performance must be registered in the following levels. 

BEGINNER  – Performers with 0 to 2 years of competition experience.

INTERMEDIATE  – Performer with 2 to 4 years of competition experience.

ADVANCED  – Performer with 4 to 6 years of competition experience. 

When selecting appropriate group levels we advise you to base this on the level of experience from 75% of your performers. Remember the eldest performer determiners the Inspired age division. Competition divisions will be finalized once four weeks prior to day 1 of competition.

Inspired Categories

Acro/Gymnastics – Performance must use a combination of acro/gymnastic movements, such as walkovers, aerials, back handsprings, etc. and must incorporate dance technique.

Ballet - Routine that must include classical steps and ballet technique. Ballet slippers only.

Baton - Routine using baton(s) and baton technique.

Character - Routine portraying an easily recognizable character throughout, such as a cat, clown, etc. with music, costume and dance. Can incorporate any form of dance or gymnastics/acrobatics. Routine may include 50% Acrobatics/Gymnastics.

Cheerleading - Each routine must consist of motion / dance sequence, jumps, cheer, and appropriate skill level stunts, tumbling.

Clogging - Routine using clogging technique.

Contemporary – Performance must consist of a combination of modern dance lyrical and classical ballet elements.

Drill Team - Precision marching in military and/or dance style. Can use hand props. 

Hip Hop - A dance which consists of the latest street dance style, as seen in current dance videos.

Jazz - Routine using jazz technique with such moves as kicks, splits, isolations, etc.

Modern - Interpretive Dance using balance and control. Must be contemporary modern style.

Musical Theater - A routine featuring any style of dance interpreting a song from a “Broadway” or movie musical.

Open –This category is for any routine that falls into any of our performance categories, or any combination thereof, or any style of dance. May contain any amount of Acrobatics/Gymnastics.

Pointe - Routine must include classical steps and ballet pointe technique. Pointe shoes only.

Pompon - Routine that must include such elements as marching, clean, sharp arm movements, kicks, leaps, jumps and splits.

Tap – Performance must use taps on shoes and display tap technique.

Lyrical  – Performance must have dynamic emotion and expressive movements demonstrated with fluidity, balance, extension and control.

Folk/Ethnic – Performances, which are to a significant degree bound by tradition with strong cultural roots.

Song and Dance – Performance must consist of both singing and dancing of any type.

Novelty – Performance featuring any style of dance that is novelty or theme based in nature portraying a recognizable character.

Production – Performance must utilize at least 15 Performers incorporating any style of dance or combination of dance styles.

I2D Live Experience

  • INSPIRED 2 DANCE SHOWCASE We want to celebrate the life of those touched by cancer with a special show case designed to do just that. Performers will get to share who has inspired them to dance with a special dedication to them just before they compete. Each studio is to submit the name of the person/persons and a short insert of their story that they would like to dedicate their performance to or perform in honor of. These performances will be pre selected by the event executive producer. For pre production purposes please confirm that the selected individuals have granted you permission to share their story. The heart of this event is to give back to those who have given us inspiration as they fight or have fought their battle with cancer. This is open to all styles of dance Solos, Duo’s, Trio’s, and Small - Large Groups. Selected performance may not exceed 5:00 minuets in length. The routines in the showcase will be judge on the equivalent scale as none show case routines. 
  • VIP DIRECTOR/ INSTRUCTOR LOUNGE    Each registered instructor will have access to the VIP LOUNGE. When you need a moments to step away swing by so you can refresh and regroup. You will need your all access pass to enter as the lounge is only for registered instructors. 
  • NATIONALS LEVEL PRODUCTION I2D stage production and set design will be design to the experience of a national dance competition and atmosphere.
  • LARGE PROP HOLDING ZONE Each studio director must request holding space. The prop area will be hosted by a I2D team member. I2D will not be responsible for damaged, or missing props. Each studio will be able to load in all LARGE props at the allowed time by event producers.Only registered prop masters and studio directors will have access to this area and be allowed to remove props for their studio.
  • ON DECK PERFORMANCE CIRCLE Only performers that will be performing in the next 2-3 numbers, registered instructors, and registered studio prop masters & crew will be permitted in this area and must exit following their performance. Each performance will have a scheduled call time.